Vision & Mission




Inter-faculty Games


Dragonboat - CHAMPIONS
Basketball - CHAMPIONS & 1st RUNNER UP
Volleyball – CHAMPIONS
Touch Rugby - 1st RUNNER UP
Handball - 1st RUNNER UP
Floorball - 1st RUNNER UP




Team Oikos is a subsidiary of the SMU Economics Society. We are a family of enthusiastic students from the SMU School of Economics who enjoy trying out different sporting activities. Besides playing for leisure, we actively participate in school activities such as the Inter-faculty Games (IFG) organised by various sport clubs and societies to gain glory for Oikos. We are made up of a core committee dedicated to making this a platform for our fellow economics students to interact, bond and wind down from the hustle and bustle in our everyday school life.


To establish a community of active sportsmen and sportswomen who takes pride in being part of the SMU Oikos Community

Encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and adopt a more active lifestyle


Embrace Oikos as family, where friendships are forged and bonds are strengthened


Empower individuals to work as a team, overcoming challenges and outdo themselves in the process of participating in school-organized activities

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