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Founded by our pioneer batch of Economics undergraduates in AY2002/03, the society is the student representative body of all SMU undergraduates reading the Bachelor of Science (Economics) Programme. All Economics students in SMU are automatically a part of, and hence represented by, the SMU Economics Society. OIKOS aims to further the interests and welfare of all Economics students here at SMU.


In the aspects of academic and career development, the society strives to empower students with information, resources and opportunities that enable them to make informed choices regarding their education and careers. Apart from providing practical help, OIKOS organises student life activities to encourage a balanced student life here at SMU. Most importantly, the society aims to foster a strong sense of community spirit and for students to take away strong and lasting friendships throughout the course of their study.



Hi #OIKOSfambam!


On behalf of the 21st OIKOS Management Committee, I wish you all a Happy New Year and a warm welcome back to school! We hope that your winter break has been fulfilling and meaningful, and you are energised for the year ahead.


Looking back at 2023


2023 was a fruitful year for OIKOS as we organised various initiatives and events. We started the academic year celebrating the School of Economics (SOE) anniversary with our flagship event, Under The Stars’23: Astris, and a revamped FamBamFright aimed to celebrate Halloween and serve as an outlet of fun for students.


We sincerely thank the 20th OIKOS Management Committee for their efforts and contributions towards our #OIKOSfambam. We also express our sincere gratitude to all organising committee members of the various OIKOS events. Lastly, we thank #OIKOSfambam for your continuous support as we look towards a better 2024.


Looking ahead to 2024


This year, we are excited to kickstart 2024 with New Dawn, our annual event to celebrate the Chinese New Year. You can also look forward to the Internship Readiness Workshop, which will equip SOE undergraduates with the necessary skills to enhance their internship experience. For SOE Freshmen, do look out for the upcoming recruitment of organising committee members for both the Orientation Camp and Under The Stars. I highly encourage all first-year students to take up various leadership positions as it is an opportunity to develop your leadership skills and meet like-minded friends in SOE.


For more updates on the year ahead, do look out for our upcoming Annual General Meeting on 12 January 2024. I warmly invite all members of the SMU Economics Society, OIKOS, to attend.


Never Giving Up!


As the new year is upon us, do remember to take ample physical and mental breaks. Remember the importance of sleep and rest, drinking sufficient water and eating healthily. Never give up as there is always light at the end of the tunnel!


The 21st OIKOS Management Committee sincerely wishes you all the best this semester and we are excited to see everyone in school! If you have any suggestions or feedback, email us at, as we value your opinions.


Thank you! 

Yours sincerely,

Chua Kuan Quan


21st OIKOS Management Committee



Oscar Navy SOE Tshirt.png

Across generations of SMU Economics students, the symbol of a wolf has always been an iconic representation of family, pack and teamwork.


In 2022, our wolf logo has been refreshed to give it a more personable, adaptable and strong look -- representative of every SMU Economics student. The mascot seeks to bring the SMU Economics community together through a common symbol and identity.

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