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Going Global


Going Global is one of the best online resources available for learning about transnational opportunities, foreign hiring practices, and domestic, city-specific employment information. This database addresses topics for students and provides a variety of tools to explore their careers.


Once you enter Ontrac, the right hand panel will contain links to Going Global. All you need is an email id to create your account.




  • Country Guides

  • USA/Canada City Guides

  • H1B Info

  • Employer Directory

  • Jobs/Internships


1. Country Guides


Packed with country-specific career information, this research tool provides expert advice and insider tips for finding employment opportunities at home and abroad including industry and employment trends, work permit and visa information, resume and interview guidelines and cultural advice.


Once you enter this section, you can choose any of the country options or use the alternate search engine as given below.


2. USA City Career Guides


Explore career and employment opportunities in the largest cities with resources that include: business and networking groups, job search resources, cost of living data and more. The profile of information available is similar to that available for individual countries.


3. H-1B Visa Employers


The H-1B visa is the most common non-immigrant category for university graduates who wish to work in the US in their field. The H-1B visa permits US employers to hire foreign employees who have at least a four year university degree (or equivalent work experience) and will work in their field of study or a closely related field in a “specialty occupation.”The Going Global database contains state, metro and US-wide H1B records gathered directly from the US Department of Labor (DOL), the government agency responsible for all H1B submissions. Once a year, DOL makes available a listing of all companies who have submitted H1B visa applications for the prior 12 months, from September to October. The records contained in Going Global’s database are the most recent records available.

4. Employer Directory


Access more than 100,000+ country-specific company profiles in a myriad industries.

Another search engine that links you to job and internship opportunities all over the world.

5. Job/Internship Search








If you plan on relocating, this is possibly the best guide you can find. A complete and authentic dummies guide for a foreign working professional. It is easy to use and navigate. A must use for those who travel for work!

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