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Career Insider


The Career Insider as the name suggests is a comprehensive website that gives you insider information on careers in over 4000 companies.

Once you enter Ontrac, the right hand panel will contain links to the Career Insider by the Vault. All you need is an email id to create an account! When you enter the Career Insider, your first task would be to create your profile. To do so, go to the top right corner of your screen and click the small dropdown arrow to see the following menu.

Use the MY Profile button to develop your professional profile. Update your personal data, your education and your professional experience.  “My Vault” allows you to select and track content specific to your career needs. You can highlight company profiles, career articles, sample resumes and cover letters, blogs and more!


Based on your profile, Vault experts suggest additional relevant content. The first tool you will find at the top of the page is their search engine. It allows you the most comprehensive search requests related to seeking a job.


1. Reviews and Rankings

  • COMPANIES – You will find a detailed list for the top companies across several industries, along with company details and employee reviews

  • SCHOOLS – This lets you look at a wide range of universities with a detailed profile of admittance requirements, average scores to get in, vault review, student reviews and more. 

  • Internship Programs – provides you with a detailed user review on each to make sure you know what you are getting into and what likely outcomes are expected. It shows the companies that give you the best pay, perks, and training.

2. Industries

 Within this tab, you can find the detailed background, structure, outlook, resources, and associations of many industries. You can also use the professions search bar to look for any profession you may be interested in.  Below is a snapshot of an industry profiling.

3. Internship and Job Search

This tab allows you to upload your resume and search for international jobs and internships.  Again this is a comprehensive tool that gives you results customised to your profile.

4. Resumes & More

  • Filled with guides on how to build a good resume, this is a good resource that can help you fine-tune your own resumes or cover letters.  

  • The interviewing section on the other hand brings a fresh perspective to what you can expect during an interview, etiquette, coping with difficult questions and other interview relevant areas.

5. Blog


This allows you to read up on opinions posted by over a hundred users. You can find a whole lot of career relevant opinions posted there, letting you in on the fate of undergraduates after graduating from university.

6. Guides


 Vault offers 100+ downloadable guides, covering seven different topic areas. You have access to unlimited simultaneous downloads. Guides are compatible with any version of Adobe Reader and can be viewed on mobile devices. Vault’s guides are consistently updated and have been in production since 1996.






On the whole, Vault is quite a useful tool addressing a large set of career related issues. Similar to Wetfeet, Vault’s only drawback is that it isn’t Asian centric. So we would recommend using Ontrac II as an internship and job search guide, while you can use Vault to help fine tune your industry knowledge.

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