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Founded by our pioneer batch of Economics undergraduates in AY2002/03, the society is the student representative body of all SMU undergraduates reading the Bachelor of Science (Economics) Programme. All economics students in SMU are automatically a part of, and hence represented by, the SMU Economics Society. Oikos aims to further the interests and welfare of all economics students here at SMU.


In the aspects of academic and career development, the society strives to empower students with information, resources and opportunities that enable them to make informed choices regarding their education and careers. Apart from providing practical help, Oikos organises student life activities to encourage a balanced student life here at SMU. Most importantly, the society aims to foster a strong sense of community spirit and for students to take away strong and lasting friendships throughout the course of their study.


Edward Teow

The President is the official spokesperson for the Oikos, and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the society. Apart from general management, he represents all economics students in the Student Association Council and is involved in on all SMUSA and student related matters.



Our Vision

To foster one OIKOS family.

Our Mission


To serve with utmost dedication & to ignite the spirit of fun and love


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Our Constitution

Goh Quan Hui

Hon0rary General Secretary

The Honorary General Secretary acts as an assistant to the various portfolios and is mainly in charge of the administrative matters, such as updating SLIMS records and taking meeting minutes. In addition, she takes on the responsibility of manning the Economics Society Account. This consists of responding to enquiries and requests, as well as sending out official Oikos related emails,

Hazel Lim Xii

Finance Director

The Finance Secretary represents the society during bi-annual budget endorsement meetings with SMUSA and other constituent bodies where they present their proposed budget for the term. He processes all financial claims and works closely with the Office of Finance and the School of Economics office to ensure that all financial matters are justified and properly accounted for. 

Ong Chiern Sern

Academic and Career Development Director

The Career and Academic Director is responsible for addressing career-related matters. She maintains alumni relations and organizes networking sessions and corporate visits for the student body. In addition, she manages BOSS concerns and furnishes academic contents on the website and spearheads new academic initiatives. Also, she assists Economics students with miscellaneous academic related matters such as overseas exchange, double majors and modules planning.



Jamie Chung & Joel Cheung

Corporate Communications Directors

The Corporate Communications Directors of the society plays the vital role of liaising and establishing good relations with external organisations or individuals. These partnerships usually manifest in the form of product or cash sponsorships to support and add-value to the events initiated by the society.

Sianne Wong Zi Xuan

Events Director

The Events Director is the overall in charge of all OIKOS Events and is responsible of the recruitment and management of all events and organizing committees. She also acts as an advisor for the various committees, ensuring a smooth planning and execution of all OIKOS Events.

Chan Ying Ru

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director is responsible for all publications of Oikos. She designs both online and offline marketing collaterals and maintains

Oikos’ social media platforms.

Bryan Chua Kun Han

Sports, Assets, & Welfare Director

The Sports and Welfare Director is mainly responsible for the general welfare of the studentsl. In addition to the management of Inter-Faculty Games, he in charge of taking good care of Students’ welfare needs; planning and implementing various welfare initiatives in different aspects.

One OIKOS, One Family

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